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Tree Stewards Assignments

Spring / Summer 2024

  • This is just the first draft. I tried to match everyone up based on availability and preferences. Please let me know if you are not available the day & time of the week to which you are assigned. I am happy to revise if necessary.

  • Currently, the watering truck is only available on weekdays.

  • The expectation is that a watering team would need to go out at every other week. Of course, that depends on rain. Each watering trip hopefully takes about 3 hours (for a total near 6 hours a month).

  • For those who are not available on weekdays, or who prefer not to water, we have assigned you a roamer status (which is still be determined, but will involve non-watering activities you can do on the weekends, like mulching, staking, etc)

Roamers (mulching, staking, pruning, non-watering, etc)

  • Deb C: Monday mornings, Wednesday mornings, Friday mornings, Saturday mornings

  • Henry: tbd

  • Tammy A: Saturday mornings, Saturday afternoons

  • Sierra S: Saturday mornings, Saturday afternoons, Sunday mornings, Sunday afternoons, after 6 on certain weekends

  • Gayle N: Monday mornings, Saturday mornings

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