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Tree Ambassadors

We need you to help spread the word on the value of trees and get residents' permission!


The Alliance for Cape Fear Trees plants many of its trees​ in the strip of grass between the road and sidewalk called the "right-of-way". These right-of-ways are owned by the city. In order to plant a tree in an open spot in a right-of-way, the city requires we get the resident's permission.

Once we have a resident's permission, the City's arborist will visit the location and determine the best tree for that spot. Factors that determine the best tree include exposure to sun, soil conditions, and the presence of overhead and underground utilities.

Many residents are happy to have a free tree planted in front of their home - and they even agree to help care for the tree (see our Tree Keepers Program). However, some are reluctant. Although trees offer overwhelming health benefits, quality of life benefits, and economic value (such as shade lowering AC bills), there is the perception that they are more trouble than they're worth (such as messy leaves, blocking lines of sight, etc).

As a Tree Ambassador, you and a teammate go door-to-door to designated addresses, ask residents if they'd like a tree, and answer any questions they may have. If they're not home, you leave a door hanger.

Tree Ambassadors are the important first step in getting trees into the ground!

If you are interested in being a Tree Ambassador, send us an email at You can also call  (910) 506-8371‬.

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