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Tree Me!

(I'd like a free tree planted in front of my residence)

Would you like a free tree planted in front of your residence?


The Alliance for Cape Fear Trees is a non-profit that works with the City of Wilmington to preserve, protect, and plant trees to enhance the quality of life and health for all.

Our mission is based on the fact that the benefits of trees go beyond beauty. Trees improve human health & happiness.

  • Trees cool and save lives. They combat “urban heat island effect” where roads, parking lots, and buildings hold heat and raise temperatures by 1-7°. For every 1° increase during a heat wave, there is a 2.5% increase in mortality. The cooling effects of trees can also lower your electricity bills.

  • Trees boost health by lowering blood pressure and stress, improving mental well-being, reducing conditions that worsen respiratory problems like asthma, and improving immunity and mental focus (even ADHD).

  • Trees enhance neighborhoods by strengthening ties between neighbors, encouraging outdoor play, reducing crime, and providing a sense of safety. A 10% increase in canopy cover has been correlated with a 12-15% reduction in violence and property crimes.

If you've received one of our door hangers, it means we’d like to plant a tree in front of your residence in the grass strip by the street. The type of tree will be selected based on overhead and underground utilities.


As for care of the tree, we’d love it if you would agree to water it regularly and become one of our “Tree Keepers”. But if you can’t, we have a group of trained volunteer “Tree Stewards” who can do this.

If you would like a free tree, please fill out the form or email us at or call 910.506.8371. Please include your name and address in your message. [And if you don't want a free tree, please let us know so we don't bother you again.]


Thanks very much for your consideration and we look forward to seeing if you'd like a free tree.



P.S. If you didn't receive a notice on your door and still want a tree, fill out the form or email us ( and will add you to our future planting list!

Tree Request Form

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