The Trees Forever Program


Trees Forever is a program of the City of Wilmington and the Alliance for Cape Fear Trees that allows for the purchase of trees, in honor or in memory of a loved one.  This unique and sustainable gift is also a way of beautifying the City of Wilmington as well as improving the overall health of the environment.  

Picking a Location and Species

Trees will be planted along city streets or in park areas. This is a sample of tree species that donors can choose from.  

  • Live Oak

  • Zelkova

  • Purple Leaf Plum

  • Red Bud

  • Shumard Oak

  • Dogwood

  • Snow Goose Cherry

  • Magnolia

The Alliance for Cape Fear Trees will coordinate with the donor about the specific tree species, its location, and the planting of the tree, with approval by the city. All trees will be planted during fall and winter months.

Tree Purchase Information

Each tree is $150.00. Donors can pay by credit card using our CrowdRise website (see button below) or by writing a check and filling out the form on the brochure (also below).  Please click on the link to the brochure for additional information and instruction on donating a tree.  For more information, email us at:

Alliance for Cape Fear Trees

Wilmington, North Carolina

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