Wilmington Tree Initiative

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Initiative Goals

To grow the urban forest by planting trees and educating the public about the value of tress along with proper planting and maintenance.

The first step in achieving this goal is by planting 1739 trees to honor of Wilmington's founding year by Fall 2021 working with partner organizations and the community.

Initiative Partners

  Alliance for Cape Fear Trees                    New Hanover County

  Cape Fear Community College                NC Cooperative Extension

  Cape Fear Garden Club                            Plastic Ocean Project

  City of Wilmington                                    University of North Carolina at Wilmington

  Keep New Hanover Beautiful                   Wilmington Tree Commission

How to Become Involved

Volunteer at a tree planting event

or giveaway event

Attend an educational workshop

or program

Become a sponsor

Donation Information

The Alliance of Cape Fear Trees is a participant in the Tree Initiative and the sole recipient of funds raised. Ninety percent (90%) of every donation will go towards the Wilmington Tree Initiative and ten percent (10%) will be kept by the Alliance to continue their work in planting and preserving trees. 

To donate, please click  this button




In the drop down menu for Selecting A Team Member, please select Renaissance Wilmington Foundation. In the comment portion on the donation page, please type Wilmington Tree Initiative as the recipient of your donation.